Magonis Ferry Landing




Little Necks with Oil and Garlic

Tender Little Necks Steamed in a Seasoned Broth 10.99


Little Necks on the Half Shell

Fresh Little Necks served Raw with Lemon and Cocktail sauce  7.59


Fried Calamari

Delicately Fried Calamari with Hot Pepper Rings and Tomato Sauce  10.49

House Favorite : Alio Mama Style (garlic and oil ) 11.49

Clams Casino

Little Necks Stuffed and Baked with Seasoned Crumbs and Spices  8.99


Stuffed Quahog

Chopped Quahogs in a Spicy Stuffing 3.79


Boneless Flappers

Tender Boneless Chicken with Spicy Homemade Buffalo Sauce 10.89


Chicken Fingers

Chicken Tender Pieces with a Tangy Honey Mustard Sauce 8.75


Onion Rings

Hand Cut, light and super crispy  7.75


Mozzarella Wedges

Breaded and Fried Cheese Stix served with Tomato Dipping Sauce  8.25


Garlic Wings

Small Tender Chicken Wings  with a Seasoned Coating with a Creamy Dipping Sauce  8.99


Shrimp Cocktail

Served with a Spicy Cocktail Sauce (priced by the piece)



Soups and Salads


All Our Soups and Salad Dressings are Made in House and Available for Take Out

Choices: Italian, Creamy Italian,  French,  Russian,  Pepper Parmesan, Zinfandel,  Blue Cheese .50 extra


Lobster Stew

Lobster Meat Simmered with Onions Potatoes and Spices in a Milk Based Lobster Broth 10.99


“Friday’s Only “   Lobster Bisque

Served by the Cup  5.59  Served by the Bowl  6.99


Homemade Chowder  

Served by the Cup  4.29   Served by the Bowl  5.49


Minestrone Soup

Served by the Cup 3.49  Served by the Bowl 4.49


Homemade Chicken Rice Soup

Served by the Cup 3.49  Served by the Bowl  4.49


Caesar Salad 8.49
 Add Marinated Grilled Chicken $3.59   Add Grilled Shrimp $5.59
Add Grilled Salmon  $5.59


Tossed Garden Salad 4.29
Add Tuna Salad  $4.50 Add Chicken Salad $5.50   Add Lobster Salad  $13.50


Buffalo Bleu Wedge

Iceberg wedge topped with diced tomatoes, crisp bacon, bleu cheese crumbles
and Ranch dressing 7.49  add $3.50  buffalo chicken bites


Sesame Chicken Salad

Iceberg Lettuce with Fried Chicken Mandarin Oranges Chow Mien Noodles in a Honey Ginger Dressing 10.49




Iceberg Lettuce with Sliced Cappicolla Salami and Mortadella Vegetables and Cheese Topped with Tuna 10.49


*****Italian Dishes*****


Spaghetti,   Linguini, Cappellini,  Ziti,  

Served with our House Made  Tomato Sauce  11.49


Manicotti or Cheese Ravioli     

Served with our House MadeTomato Sauce  11.99


Add Meatballs 2.50    Add Meat Sauce 2.50  Add Italian Sausage   2.50

Add Chicken Cutlet 5.50 Add Veal Cutlet 5.50

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fresh Fettuccini with Alfredo Sauce  14.49   and Chicken and Broccoli  17.49


Veal Parmesan

Veal cutlet lightly fried with house made tomato sauce and cheese  17.49


Veal Marsala

Tender Veal coated and Pan-Fried in our Homemade

Marsala Gravy with Mushrooms  17.49


*****Chicken Favorites*****


Boneless Chicken Breast

Broiled 13.99     Lightly Battered and Fried 16.49 

Blackened Seasoned on a Hot Skillet 15.49


Chicken Bryan

Sautéed Chicken Breast prepared with White Wine, Mushrooms, Asparagus, a hint of Garlic

topped with Cheddar Cheese 16.99


Chicken Marsala

Chicken Breast coated and Sautéed in our Homemade

Marsala Gravy with Mushrooms  16.49


*****Seafood Pleasures*****

All Dishes May be Enhanced:    Blackened Seasoning  1.50     Béarnaise Sauce !.50

 Garlic and Butter Sauce 1.50     Teriyaki Sauce 1.5 

Oscar Style (Lobster meat Béarnaise and Asparagus 5.50)


Broiled Scrod

Fresh Filet of Fish Topped with Seasoned Crumbs  17.49


Broiled Scallops

Tender Scallops Broiled with Seasoned Crumbs (market)


Baked Stuffed or Fried Shrimp

Tender Shrimp Lightly Fried Golden Brown  or Stuffed 17.99


Broiled  Swordfish

Topped with a Panko Seasoned  Crumb or Dill Butter 17.99


Fried Scallops or Fried Whole Belly Clams
served with tarter sauce  (market price)

Shrimp Sautéed in a Casserole with Garlic, Butter, a bit of Diced Tomatoes  17.99

Portiguese Scrod  18.99
Frsh white fish with chourico onions peppers topped with a bit of crumbs with a light seasoned broth 

*****Beef Dishes*****

All Dishes May be Enhanced:    Blackened Seasoning  1.50     Béarnaise Sauce 1.50

 Garlic and Butter Sauce 1.50      Teriyaki Sauce 1.50 

Oscar Style (Lobstermeat Béarnaise and Asparagus 5.50)


Roast Prime Ribs  Au Jus

King Cut to Your Taste as Rare or as Juicily Well Done to Please the Most Discriminating Palate 29.99


Choice Sirloin Steak

Certified Black Angus Sirloin Cooked to Your Liking 20.99 

Filet Mignon

10 Ounce Certified Black Angus,  Melt  In Your Mouth Tender  29.99


Surf & Turf --- 8 ounce Sirloin with

Add Two Jumbo Shrimp 19.49 

 Add Lobster Sauté 28.99


***Full Course  Meals***


Baked Stuffed Scrod

Fresh Filet of Sole with a Seafood Stuffing    15.99


Fried Scallops or Fried Clams

Lightly Battered and Delicately Fried

 Served with Homemade Fries and Cole Slaw  (market Price)


Fish & Chips

Lightly Battered and Delicately Fried

Served with Homemade Fries and Cole Slaw  13.49



Broiled Salmon

Fresh Broiled  Salmon

Topped with a Bit of Dill Butter 16.99

Baked Meatloaf

Homemade Meatloaf with  a Mushroom Gravy   13.99

Prime Rib

A  Smaller Version of our Famous Prime Rib

Topped with AuJus  24.99


Sirloin Steak

Tender Sirloin Steak Cooked to Your Liking  

With Béarnaise Sauce    17.99


Tenderloin Tips

Tender Tips of Sirloin with Peppers and Onions

Served with Seasoned Rice  15.99


Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast

Boneless Chicken Breast Stuffed with our house made chourico and sausage
bread stuffing topped with brown gravy  14.49


Chicken Parmigiana

Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast

Topped with Cheese and  Homemade Tomato Sauce  14.49


Shrimp and Spaghetti

Lightly Battered Fried Shrimp

 Surrounding a Plate of Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce  12.49


Italian Platter Delight

Meatball, Sausage, Manicotti,

 Veal Cutlet and Peppers with Tomato Sauce  15.49


Veal Cutlets

Lightly Battered and Deep Fried Cutlets

Topped with Brown Gravy  16.99



House Specialty Dishes


Portuguese Steak

8 Ounce Sirloin Pan-Fried Topped with Fried Egg, Pepper,

 in a Brown Garlic  Sauce  16.49



Layers of fresh pasta, with our house made meat sauce and three cheeses
baked to perfection and served with garlic bread 11.49


Steak Gorgonzola  16.99


Boiled Lobster

11/4 Pound Lobster with Drawn Butter (market price )


Lobster Fisherman

Baked and Stuffed with Seasoned Crumbs and Scallops ( market price)




***consuming raw or undercooked meats or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness***


***Lighter Fare*** 

Half Sandwich with Cup of Soup   8.25Half Sandwich with Tossed Salad   8.99
Sliced Turkey ---B.L.T.--- Chicken Salad--- Pastrami--- Corned Beef  

Lobster Salad 4.99increase


Sandwiches       Served with Homemade French Fries

Choice of Bulky Roll, Sub Roll, White, Wheat,  Marbled Rye Wraps .50 Extra

Sliced Turkey  8.99 B.L.T.  6.75   Chicken Salad  8.50
  Lobster Salad 17.49  Pastrami   8.99 Corned Beef  8.99 Chourico  7.79

Rueben 9.75   Meatball  8.25   Chicken Parmesan   8.99
Shaved Sirloin Steak  with peppers onions mushrooms  9.95
Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich  10.49
Turkey Club  9.29    Cheeseburger Club  9.75
8ounce Black Angus Burger  8.99
Sub Onion Rings 1.50

Add let & tomato .75 Add cheese .50 Add sautéed onions .75 Add mushrooms .75


***Specialty Pizzas***


Ferry Landing Pizza

Tomato Sauce  Cheese  Onions  Peppers   Italian Ham  Italian Salami  Mushrooms  Olives  12.49

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken with a Spicy Tomato Sauce and Bleu Cheese   12.49

White Garlic and Chicken Pizza

Grilled Chicken Roasted Red Peppers Cheese Oil & Garlic 12.49

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Steak, Onions, Peppers, and American Cheese  12.49

Big Mag Pizza

Hamburg Lettuce Tomato Cheese and Special Sauce  12.49

BBQ  Chicken Pizza

Chunks of Bbq Chicken  Cheese Bbq Sauce 12.49

Build Your Own Pizza   8.99

Build Your Own Pizza    Pepperoni   Chourico  Bacon  Sausage Salami Ham  1.00 each

Pineapple Tomato  Bacon Onions Peppers Olives Broccoli  Mushrooms  .50 each
















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